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Easy ways to be able to make your payment

Since most insurances are often of a mutual nature, this means that in order to benefit from them you have to pay a certain sum for a contribution. The only concern is that most of these contributions are much too expensive to the point that the third party is unable to pay the amount necessary for the total recovery of his health. For this kind of situation companies such as Cegedim have developed easy ways for the payment of health costs.

A simple but effective solution

As this client's first concern is the client, he has implemented a new system called third party payment which aims to facilitate the payment of dues, improve services and medical care and to control refunds. Thanks to this system you will have access to the best care with a good medical follow-up in your treatment. In the event of an accident, this type of payment may also become a real need of insureds who have registered. To benefit, the insured must have a Smart TP card which will allow him to obtain a very high reliability, simplicity in procedures and security. Thanks to this method you can also pay your contribution via a mobile application without having to move from your home.

Innovative offers and services

By opting for the third-party payment, you will have access to several types of service of the highest quality with innovative offers without having to spend a lot. Among these services is the control of your online health performed by professional physicians in full compliance. With this simple method, you can also apply for support online. You will also have the opportunity to follow a 6-week program where you can get effective tips for staying healthy. You can also have your personal space namely health and vaccination books, a storage of your medical document. By opting for the third party payment, you will have access to more innovative and more secure services.

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