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Is your hobby horse riding ? Equitack is the place for you !

Do you like horses, horse riding etc? You will be served on the Equitack website. This platform offers different equipment and accessories for horses. You can order everything you need to ride a horse. But in addition, it is also possible to choose between new accessories or second hand accessories. They are all good quality. Everyone can choose what they need based on their needs, desires and budget.

Examples of accessories that can be found on Equitack

On the Equitack website, you can find saddles of all kinds. For example, saddles made of leather, other materials or bi-material saddles can be chosen. There are also models that adapt to children, adults and even models that are made singularly for women. We must press visit for more to discover them all. It is also possible to find on the platform straps, jaws, stirrups riding or Halters and Lanyards and protections of all kinds. All these accessories exist in version for professionals, for simple amateurs or for beginners. As already mentioned, these accessories are available in new or used.

Why choose Equitack?

Equitack is an easy site to access. We do not need special knowledge to visit the site. It is easy to handle. On this platform, it is possible to make orders. We just have to choose the right items and make the payment. We wait for the delivery. If the items delivered do not correspond to those ordered in advance, it is possible to ask the responsible to return the goods.

But what is particularly interesting on this site for riding is the ability to find what you need at a low price. So you do not have to spend a lot of money on saddle, for example. One only has to choose used saddles which are much less expensive than the new models. We can do the same with all other items.

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