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Why Wisium are the best as an animal nutrition specialist

The term reference itself would be meaningless if the notion of the best did not exist. Indeed, everyone has their own definitions of the best. There are, however, criteria that companies must meet to be classified as referencing. Each domain has its own leader, discover that of animal nutrition.

Quality research

If Neovia was able to keep the title of world leader in animal nutrition, it is mainly due to its basic policy which is none other than the search for the perfect. Indeed, when the group launched the premix brand Wisium, it aimed to become the benchmark in animal nutrition specialist. The group advocates innovation in the world of agriculture. It has a total of one billion and seven hundred million euros as turnover. It employs eight thousand three hundred employees in twenty-eight world countries. The group is therefore present internationally, in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Brazil, Chile, Canada, the United States, several countries in South East Asia and Africa. . In short, all this reflects the greatness of the group in its field.

Innovate in key areas

As a world leader, Wisium-Neovia advocates innovation in breeding, nutrition and research. The group defines five priority areas of innovation. These are smart farming, intensive aquaculture, interactive petline, resource optimization and functional ingredients. For smart farming, the group encourages farmers to use the new technology. Indeed, the vision gives the image of connected objects, real-time diagnostics via mobile applications ... For intensive aquaculture, the group expects a 450% increase in its production by 2040. It puts a focus on genetics and water quality. In the case of resource optimization, the group focuses its research on the larval state of the animals as well as the possibility of using insects as sources of protein. Force is to say after all that the group holds its place of leader by an iron fist.

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