Our notice about the boohoo

Boohoo is your online shopping guide's new tab. Are you fascinated by the ready - to - wear sign at mini prices and maxi trends? Discover the decoration's reverse side. You've probably heard of boohoo in the subway, on advertising displays or even by one of your girlfriends already a customer. Boohoo is one of the new brands of the second generation of fast fashion according to the Guardian. It can only be found online, their price are affordable and offers permanent promotions.

Absolutely low prices

Tiny labels are not exclusive to some Boohoo sell products; more than 20% percent of the price is between £ 2.99 and £ 8.75. It is with pleasure that you will enter your bank codes at the end of our shopping. Boohoo also practices excessive promotion. As for the online order rates, there are no bad surprises either. The issue of shipping costs is not dealt with above orders over € 20.

Reactivity to inspiring trends

If Boohoo.com is so attractive, it's also because it offers an enduring renewal. The online shop adds new references every day. With a Leicester industrial facility, the nerve center of sewing workshops, trend sensitivity is guaranteed. Add to this a well-honed team of more than 500 people, and you've got the recipe for the success of this little shorts that wasn't there yesterday and that you absolutely need.

A Plus Size Line

Because she was born in a nation where overweight is one of the major public health issues, the boohoo brand has not neglected its larger size. Boohoo Plus is born in 2014, a line that starts at 44 to stop at 52. Boohoo imagines a fashion trend for the rounds with the same style and abundance requirements as for its first line. The brand even started collaboration with generous blogger Nadia Aboulhosn a few seasons ago. They created three stylish and bold capsules that usually raise the level of a fashionable large size.

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