What's needed to rent a boat?

At sea, sailing and cruising on board a rental boat for a few days or even weeks is a real adventure that must be lived out in complete peace of mind, without any unnecessary concerns. You can contact different companies to rent a boat, sailing or motor: agency, professional rental or particular. Which destination is best suited for rent? Would you like to rent a boat for a sea trip? Equipment, security equipment, rental and insurance are all available with Samboat. Before boarding, here are some practical tips.

Life vest

Make sure that there are as many life jackets as people on board. This must be checked by the renter. He must also show you were they're on the boat. Wear the jackets! This advice may seem like a "boat," but in reality, few boaters wear life jackets and prefer to leave them in the bunkers, making them useless. The lessor is required to indicate where the compulsory safety equipment is stored (navigation charts, fire extinguisher, life jacket, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask him before you really need him!

Rental agreement

If you book your rent up front, a down payment or deposit will probably be asked then a tip, check well before the termination grounds if you should cancel the rent. Pay attention to the conditions of use (replacement of the defective material or others) but also to restitution as a cleaning fee that may be required, fuel costs that may be charged if you have not refilled yourself, etc.


Unfortunately, the insurance issue is too often relegated to the background. Yet in the event of a disaster, it is very useful! Although the boat rental insurance is not compulsory in theory, it remains a pledge of confidence not to be negligible to cope with possible critical situations. For example: the boat collides with a sailing boat, mast breaks and passengers are injured... This accident may result in significant costs! Therefore, pleasure insurance is unavoidable in order to face these kinds of hazards.

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