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When we talk about innovation, we have to evaluate also our rhythm of life. And we fail if we waste time by thinking about what will be the consequence when we adopt this new life. We have to talk about Smart glasses.

What are Smart glasses?

It is a connecting glass, and we can surf on it, we can take a picture, make moves and do a call with those networking support. There is more gadget production which get many fans now, so this is not the first glass connected that we ever saw. Before it, there was the famous Google glass starting in 2012, and always having his place on the market. And we have also appreciated HoloLens, which work with Microsoft. Then after, there are a competition, and now, we can make a little selection about the owner. We have Power Wolf, in a good presentation with the nest color. Vuzix Smart Glasses, more dangerous to explore voices. Epson Moverio is a quad core with a picture resolution in HD. Meta is for games, and even, older person like to fly with its programs. And our reference will be a new one for you, because he is for the professional using, and it is the google smart glass partner that we appreciate all his propriety.

XpertEye is the name of this Eye analyst

We can appreciate all those games of the innovation, but in this case, there are so many reasons to adopt one at your house and to propose it at work. This smart glass is easy to put on, and it doesn’t cramp you vision, because first of all, he just occupies one eye, and he still placed in the top of the glasses. If we describe your vision, you put a with glass added with a camera. The difference between your smartphones is the practice so easy. And the possibility to make a direct conversation with another person connected on the other side of the world.

You will have more information about this new gadget at work by assisting our webinar. Be those thousands of societies which get business success by using XpertEye.

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