Iwd Europe : Improving individual and team behaviors

A business is a set of human resources that use and exploit financial resources and materials for the operation of the business. The staff is the engine that drives society. The behavior of these is important for the life of the company. Each member has a function and an important role in production.

Contribution of each member of the team

A company is in itself a team. However, sub teams exist according to their competence and the organization of the company. Some companies present financial, logistical and other teams according to their field of intervention. In a team, each member contributes. Indeed, each employee has his own know-how. He pursued studies that allowed him to acquire knowledge and develop his abilities. He has experience in the various fields in which he has already worked. In a team, members are interdependent. To improve the individual behavior, the team leader must know the well-being of each of his collaborators. It's about his education, his social environment and other factors that can help shape his personality. Each staff member also presents different working principles according to the education they have perceived in their lifetime. This knowledge will allow him to better identify and apply stress resilience vis-à-vis each employee. He can help her develop her abilities.

Importance of team cohesion

A team is a group of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal. They gather their competence in various actions. The cohesion between the team is very important so that each skill is used at its optimum. In other words, the weaknesses and strengths of each member complement each other. It is in this perspective that it is possible to change their behavior. The manager must know how to control the stress resilience of each face daily challenges. He will have to motivate them by showing them the importance of their work in achieving the goal. They must be aware of the seriousness of the function they manage at the company level. They must know the limits of their know-how to open up to those of their colleagues. They will have a more dynamic attitude, and will make the group itself performing well.

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