A great idea for making sure you keep the best moments alive

Why make an album with a physical photo? The problem is not without concern, and aside from preserving memories which seems to be the first legitimate argument, all arguments to be put forth are those of transmitting a memory, thus preventing the loss of years of images during a hard disk crash.

The importance of making a remembrance book

If you wonder why, for example, you create a photo album or a photo calendar; remember that by making photo albums, you guarantee two important things:

  • The protection of your images, which you will still recover even if your hard drive or computer is destroyed.
  • Wider online distribution of your books.
  • The opportunity to get a picture archive printed whenever, wherever you are.

The printing of your work is the assurance that you always have a set with you that tells your story ... A story you can pass on.

How to make your work special

As with any art work, the originality of your wedding photo book or customized baby photo book is partly linked to the importance you add to the information. If you simply pick and arrange your most beautiful images without style, you'll definitely have made a collection of memories, but a collection that may not be adequately expressive for those who browse it. So, always think of Socialbook:

  • Add feedback or art clips to your pictures, to make them even more alive
  • If you want to publish or print your album on the web, insert wallpapers and interesting designs, this is the easiest way to create a professional picture book.
  • Now, you know how to make a custom picture file.

You'll be able to impress yourself on the first try by using these little tips.

Making a book: How it works

Making a photo book with Social book is now easy thanks to its software for production assistance. An easy-to-use interface will be available which offers various animation options in the form of a dialog.

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