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If riding is your passion, you are at the best place. So, we have to talk about the best shop that you could purchase your horse’s equipment. But let’s advice you some important point about it.

To buy the best horse

Maybe you are a fan of horse until your children age, but now, that you is 30 years old yet, you can be able to take care of your own horse. If you want to have the best, you have to know horse’s characters. When you visit a club, because it is the best place to buy a horse and having a choice, look for his race, yes, each country have his own prestige, but it depends of what do you do him. If it is for a simple pleasure, you can choose a pony. If you want a very stronger horse, take an English race as a Thoroughbreden one. If you want to hike with him, the Merens is the very best. An Andalousie is a gentle horse, and he is good at a circus. But if you want a horse competition, you better choose an Akhal teke, you can have more information with your coach, but first of all, you go to select the best shop. The famous saddler that you can find online is Equitack. You can get some advice by clicking more here and got a big catalog with the large saddle’s choice.

To test the saddles

You have to choose the flexible saddles for your horse, because you have to regularize it. You can test it on a nude back without saddle pad or a blanket. You test it by touching it, and put your three fingers at the garrote, then pass your hand through the fender. You can use the easy measure tools that you have to put on the garrote. Note the measure that is mark on and choose the right bridge that you can replace at your saddle. This is for a new saddle, but if you want to test a used saddle, you have to choose the best mark and as we advise you, a French saddle is fine. After that, put the saddle without blanket and any saddle pad, and walk with him for a moment. After fifteen minutes of walking, look if the saddle move, then it doesn’t own him.

Don’t hesitate to ask some advices with your coach online. So take your time to select the best one, because they give you one week to test this saddles.

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