I discovered horseriding!

Riding is a passion that dates back hundreds of years now. It is a passion shared by many followers around the world. What to say apart from that it is a physical activity of the unique because of its many attractions. In addition, diversity is really at the rendezvous in front of this practice at the level of the discipline and at the level of these accessories.

The origins of horseback riding

Riding is not a simple story between the rider and the horse that appeared overnight. Indeed, equestrian activity has evolved with humanity and the history of men. Clearly, it is in the seventh century BC. AD that riding appeared for the first time. As usual, the man used the horse for military purposes even during this time. It is the Assyrian horsemen who marked the beginnings of the cavalry. Otherwise, to be clear, the domestication of the horses came from Asia during the high antiquity. Quickly, this practice came to Europe and the whole world. From these times to today, riding has evolved a lot. If the practical side of the horse is always present, it is especially the passional side that gains the heart of all the adherents at the moment. There are several million practitioners around the world.

Different disciplines and accessories

Beyond the general conception of horsemanship, this practice today has various forms. To this, there are many accessories that come with practice like fine used saddles, for example. Each accessory adds to the control and comfort during practice, not to mention that using the best products is the guarantee of safety for both the rider and the horses.

Besides the many accessories, the equitation also has many disciplines of its own. There is dressage, trotting, various races and equestrian shows. Each of these disciplines has its own rules and accessories. Everyone does not practice equitation equally. Indeed, if others see it as a way of entertaining, others see it from a more professional angle, like the Jockeys pros.

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