Keep your health in check all winter long

It is quite possible to use a spa in winter, albeit it's installed outdoors. Some precautions are still necessary to be ready to take full advantage of it. In winter, it'll be far more difficult to heat the spa water and maintain it at the proper temperature, hence the importance of getting a well insulated spa.

Choose the best bathtub for winter

The majority of one-piece spas are often used throughout the year. But if you propose to use the spa regularly during the cold season, pay special attention to thermal insulation when purchasing. Remember that the primary advantage of jacuzzi bathtubs is to immerse yourself in 37/38 ° water. The colder it's , the more water you'll got to heat. A poorly insulated appliance will increase your electricity bill. to not mention that temperature differences between predicament and out of doors air can cause thermal shock which will damage the piping and therefore the tank.nInflatable spas also can be utilized in winter. But since their insulation is far less efficient than that of a monobloc spa, you'll use tons more energy to heat the water ...

Prepare your bathtub for the purpose

Before the onset of very weather , completely empty the spa water and clean it completely (tank, filter, pipe). Add clean water. Treatment and filtration should be appropriate for the water temperature and your use of the recent tub. The cooler the water, the less treatment you'll need and therefore the less filtration time. If, on the opposite hand, you're taking baths often, check the pH more regularly (ideally, it should be between 7.2 and 7.4) and therefore the quality of the water.

The right moment to use your bathtub

The insulating blanket, essential throughout the year, is even more necessary when temperatures drop. While securing access to water, it's a serious asset for saving energy.

Prefer a good quality jacuzzi bathub

If your cover is broken , be happy to exchange it. Clean it regularly. and do not let ice or snow accumulate. Remove them regularly.

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