New ways of making music through innovation

Music can be appreciated by almost everyone and with so much new technology; it makes sense only to function in the field of audio art. Classics and simple architecture have something to say, but the effect of innovation on music is hard to ignore. It could seem overwhelming from simple amplifiers to what's now possible, but music is the first step towards embracing technology in daily life. Innovation has led to music technology, and software developers and hardware producers keep pushing the limits of what is possible. Some people do that by creating such products as we have never seen before, while others look at how we work and try to simplify our creative lives.

The Microtonal guitar

This guitar is officially referred to as the "adjustable microtonal guitar" and does what its name says: it changes pitches by mobile frets. This is because; according to a designer "all of the frets on the fretboard are moving under each string in the channels. »The fretboard can be fed into or taken from any amount of frets," he says. He says. This amazing feature will enable its users, for example maqam-based music or contemporary classical music from Western music, to play music based on tunings other than the same system.

The tunable tongue drum

The tongue drum is a new instrument of music that is highly appreciated for the relaxing sound of meditation, yoga, music therapy. It is very easy to handle and the fact that there is no false note makes it the perfect instrument for children and adults to awaken musically. With just a few notes everybody can begin to play easily and find pleasure. The Beat Root tongue drum is the first tunable tongue drum to bring six different scales in one instrument together. With its revolutionary tuning method, you can switch in the blink of an eye from one dimension to another. You can play more playful and energized melodies while you can easily record your playing with your mic and jackwire equipped.

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