The ideal tub for sale at Tropicspa

Relaxing during a tub is great, but doing it after you've got an honest tub for sale at tropicspa is best. Outside is even better! This well-being equipment installed on the terrace or within the guts of the garden provides therapeutic and relaxing benefits within the outside. Choice of model, price and functions, installation and maintenance, we tell you everything you'd wish to understand before choosing yours.

The price of a Jacuzzi?

The jacuzzi placed, or above ground, remains the foremost affordable. From 5000 euros, you'll afford a model for 4 people, the price of which can go up relying on the finishes and options that are added. While above-ground hot tubs are the safest (because they're less accessible), they even have the advantage of getting the power to be moved or dismantled if necessary. But they're going to in no case be embedded because their technical system is directly placed on their wall. More aesthetic, but also costlier because they require earthworks, in-ground or semi-in-ground jacuzzis are installed permanently. If it takes around 8,000 euros for the installation of a 4-person acrylic model, the budget will increase again relying on the materials (wood, stone, concrete) options and accessory fittings.

How to take care of a spa tub?

Outside, your Jacuzzi is exposed to the weather also on temperature changes. To require care of the quality of both the water and your equipment for as long as possible, it's about maintaining it properly. Start by equipping yourself with a cover or a cover system that need to be used after each bath. Upon installation, you'll also need to acknowledge an efficient filtration system (generally provided with the spa), and regularly disinfect the water (with bromine or chlorine) and maintain its pH with specialized products. Finally, occasionally but regularly, you've to scrub your spa thoroughly, from the tank to the water line, including the filter and technical equipment. On each day to day, do not forget to need an outdoor shower before each swim to avoid polluting the water.

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