As a manager how do you deal with conflicts within your team ?

The cohesion of the team is very important for it to be productive. However, individual differences can lead to conflict. The role of the manager is to manage his team. He must master all aspects of this relationship with this management to create this homogeneity. The team leader must then understand the conflict and find a compromise to solve it.

Understanding the conflict

To handle the conflict, you first have to find the source. For this, the manager must be able to identify the presence of disagreement. Indeed, he will not be able to find solutions if he does not even know the existence of the problem. He must be a fine observer. The knowledge of the members of his team will allow him to make this identification. He will know to each of their behaviors if they encounter problems, if it is related to work or if it is personal, etc. According to his personality, each individual reacts in a different way to a given situation. Often, the differences come from opposition of ideas. The conflict may also be due to a dissatisfaction of one or more team members with respect to colleagues or perhaps to their manager. Once he knows the source of the disagreement, he can establish a conflict management strategies. This will be the tool used to resolve the conflict.

Find a compromise

The manager must present a strategy for resolving disputes between team members. He must know how to adapt to the characters of the latter. Indeed, a person's personality is shaped by his education, obstacles, opportunities, and so on. she knew in her life. The team leader must then understand how each employee works in order to push them to give the best of themselves in their work. Knowing these traits will also help him understand why there is disagreement. It will then be able to propose the best solutions that could satisfy the two parties concerned by the conflict. The best solution is to find a compromise. That is, they must both be winners. This strategy will remove once and for all the problem since none of them has been harmed by the agreement. It is important to avoid taking sides in this type of situation.

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